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Get in touch so we can get started with your card trade-in today! (702) 643-8889

We ask that you please take a moment to read our trade in policy below:

1. All card trade in's are done in-store and you must drop off the cards to us as well as pick them up. If you give us your cards, we plan to keep them. It takes a solid investment of time to go through a collection of cards and grade them. We highly recommend that you do not trade in cards that you have an attachment to or have not taken time to review the current pricing for on

2. For nearly all transactions we will only offer Power 9 Games store credit. Every First Friday of the month we have an awesome food truck and take trade-in's for 'cash' (write you a check) starting at 5:00 PM. Of course, if you are trading in a substantial collection we welcome having a conversation about buying your card directly.

3. Typically, we offer 60% of your cards' value when you're trading them in. We recommend you check the value of your cards online, at least a few days before trading in your cards, to ensure you are up to date on what the value of your cards are.

4. We grade every single card ourselves and do not accept 3rd party authentication. We will always take great care while handling your card collection. We return unwanted cards along with the rest of your card accessories the same way we find it.

5. Our Bulk trade in rate is $0.0005 per card. Bulk cards are defined as any card that is sold at our floor price point for that specific rarity.

6. By submitting a message to us below we are looking to set up a dedicated time to handle your trade in. Please fill out the form as much as possible by telling us what kind of cards you are trading in as well as the time-frame that you plan to do the trade in. For card trade in less than 20 cards we can typically get these done same-day. All other card trade in's please allow us 3 - 5 days to complete your trade-in. Once we've finished evaluating your collection we will give you a call ASAP :)

Thanks for submitting!

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